How to clean or replace your bar valve thermostatic cartridge.

At Aqualla, customer service is the foundation of our business. To demonstrate our commitment to our customers, we offer a 12 year warranty on all of our taps and showers, and a 5 year warranty on all of our towel warmers and mirrors. Full warranty details are below.

Taps and Showers:

Aqualla Brassware Ltd chrome taps and showers have a 12-year warranty (2 years parts and labour / Remaining 10 years parts only).

Special Finishes (Fuse Black & Ramore): All Aqualla Brassware Ltd special finishes have a 5-year warranty, (2 years parts and labour / Remaining 3 years parts only).

Towel Warmers:

All Aqualla Brassware Ltd towel warmers have a 5-year warranty (2 years parts and labour / Remaining 3 years parts only), and Aqualla Brassware Ltd valves have a 2-year warranty.


All Aqualla Brassware Ltd accessories have a 12-year warranty, (2 years parts and labour / Remaining 10 years parts only).


All Aqualla Brassware Ltd radiators have a 5-year warranty, (2 years parts and labour / Remaining 3 years parts only). Electric heat elements have a 2-year warranty.


All Aqualla Brassware Ltd mirrors have a 5-year warranty, (2 years parts and labour / Remaining 3 years parts only).
Aqualla Brassware Ltd will make a discretionary decision to either replace or repair, at their own expense, defects in goods arising from faulty workmanship provided that the Buyer will have given written notice to the Seller as soon as is reasonably practical.

Aqualla Brassware Ltd’s liability in respect of any defect will be limited to the repair or replacement of the goods in question and if damage or loss occurs to the goods in transit, the Seller shall repair or replace the specified goods provided that notification is made in writing within seven days of the goods being dispatched from its premises.


• No corrosive substances are to be placed into Aqualla Aromawell as this could be hazardous to your health.

• Any manufacturing defects noticed after fitting: Aqualla will be liable for replacing the goods/part FOC but not labour. Please inspect all products thoroughly before fitting.

• Any damage noticed after fitting: Aqualla will not be liable for supply or fitting. • All warranties are parts and labour for 2 years of the warranty term and parts only for the remaining period.

• Aqualla will offer a labour service option after the 2-year period, although this will be chargeable. This fee will be agreed with consumers in advance of a service call and paid prior to work being complete.

• Images may be requested from the consumer prior to arranging a service call. This will help Aqualla identify the product to ensure the correct parts are available for the work.

• Proof of purchase will need to be provided, confirming product and date of purchase.

• Consumer warranty registration will be set up on the Aqualla websites.

• Bathrooms with chrome plated heated towel rails should be ventilated. Over time surface rust can develop on heated towel rails, where a wet towel is placed, without correct maintenance.

• All products with flowing water should have all connections and moving parts tested prior to completion of instillation.

• A service call should not be agreed or arranged until Aqualla Technical Team have identified the likely cause of the issue. This should be agreed between the fitter, or consumer and Aqualla Technical Support.

• Our trouble shooting sheet is available on our website: www.aquallabrassware.com in the technical tab. We will be adding maintenance videos next year, that will show how filters and cartridges can be cleaned or replaced.

• Aqualla will continue to improve specification ongoing, this may lead to slight product changes

• Aqualla recommends that you do not use any abrasive sponges or scarring agents for cleaning. We also advise that you do not use cleaning agents containing abrasives, such as solvent or acid, limescale removers, household vinegar and cleaning agents containing acetic acid.

• Damage to the surface and underlying material resulting from improper treatment is not covered by warranty

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