We are making small steps to meaningful change by actively seeking ways to reduce our carbon footprint.


  • Carbon Balanced Brochure Production
    With our latest brochures alone this year for Aqualla and Adamsez, we have
    balanced through World Land Trust the equivalent of over 15,000kg of carbon
    dioxide and helped protect over 3,000m2 of critically threatened tropical forest
  • Introduction of QR Codes to help encourage digital brochure use
  • Use of plastic-free solutions in packaging and warehousing


As suppliers of water-delivering products, we are responsible for continually assessing and improving our products to be as sustainable as possible without compromising your experience.

The Unified Water Label is an intelligent tool which identifies how much water and energy products use, allowing us to make more informed choices.

Choosing an Aqualla Unified Water Label product will help you use water wisely. Reduced water waste saves energy, reduces carbon emissions, saves money and helps to save the planet.

  • New product ranges from Aqualla – Hannah, Avante, Edge & Ivy are designed
    with water-saving devices as standard, achieving Green Band EU Water Labelling
  • New retrofit water-saving aerators help reduce
    water consumption on showers and taps


  • Long term support and sponsorship of local charity initiatives
  • Health and Wellbeing initiatives to encourage healthy body and healthy mind
  • Culture of togetherness and teamwork

Our commitment to a more sustainable future means that our journey will continue to evolve as we work toward reducing our carbon footprint.

Let’s work together
to make things better.

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