Terms & Conditions

Explore Aqualla's business terms and conditions for a comprehensive understanding of our partnership and services.

Aqualla Brassware Ltd Terms and Conditions of Business

The under-noted terms and conditions of Aqualla Brassware Ltd supersede all previous company terms and conditions unless otherwise agreed in writing by a Director of Aqualla Brassware Limited.


The seller is Aqualla Brassware Ltd. The buyer refers to the Company or persons by, or on behalf of, whom the order is generated. Goods refer to items described on the Seller’s brochure, invoice or delivery note.


Aqualla Brassware Ltd’s quotations are provisional in so far as they are subject to change due to any fluctuation in the price of raw materials or exchange rates.


Aqualla will endeavour to deliver its products by an agreed date but will not be liable for any failure to deliver on the agreed date. Collection by the Buyer or an agent will constitute delivery.


Most of our products have an extended warranty option at no extra cost. Extended warranty is subject to completion of the online product registration on https://aquallabrassware.com/productregistration/ which must take place within 90 days of purchase.

Taps and Showers:

Aqualla Brassware Ltd taps and showers all have a 12 year warranty when registered online (2 years parts and labour / Remaining 10 years parts only).

Exclusions include: Hoses – 2 year warranty. O rings, Diverter and Cartridges – 5-year warranty

Towel Warmers:

Aqualla Brassware Ltd towel warmers have a 5-year warranty when registered online (2 years parts and labour / Remaining 3 years parts only), and Aqualla Brassware Ltd valves have a 2 year warranty.


Aqualla Brassware Ltd accessories have a 12 year warranty when registered online (2 years parts and labour / Remaining 10 years parts only).

Radiators: All Aqualla Brassware Ltd radiators have a 5-year warranty when registered online, (2 years parts and labour / Remaining 3 years parts only). Electric heat elements have a 2-year warranty.


Aqualla Brassware Ltd mirrors have a 5-year warranty when registered online, (2 years parts and labour / Remaining 3 years parts only).

Aqualla Brassware Ltd will make a discretionary decision to either replace or repair, at their own expense, defects in goods arising from faulty workmanship provided that the Buyer will have given written notice to the Seller as soon as is reasonably practical. Aqualla Brassware Ltd’s liability in respect of any defect will be limited to the repair or replacement of the goods in question and if damage or loss occurs to the goods in transit, the Seller shall repair or replace the specified goods if notification is made in writing within seven days of the goods being dispatched from its premises.

Policy of Continuous Improvement

Aqualla Brassware Ltd will continually strive to achieve the highest level of quality and improvement of products. Aqualla Brassware Ltd reserves the right to alter or amend any product specification without prior notice to its customers. Colours are as accurate as the printing process will allow.

Payment and Ownership

The goods shall remain the property of Aqualla Brassware Ltd until the Buyer has settled the invoice in full.
Aqualla Brassware Ltd will be entitled to repossess the goods and enter onto any premises where the goods may be located if the Buyer breaches the contract in any way. This includes acts of insolvency, bankruptcy, attempts to make arrangements with any creditors or any petition passed to a Receiver or a Court. If Aqualla Brassware Ltd is placed in any situation where it has to repossess its products, the Buyer will be liable to pay the difference between the price of the goods and their value on repossession. Should Aqualla Brassware Ltd be entitled to repossess goods and unable to do so for any reason, the Buyer will pay to the Seller the full purchase price as per their invoice. Any discount offered to the customer is detailed on the invoice.

Product Care

Aqualla recommend that you do not use any abrasive sponges or scouring agents for cleaning. We also advise that you do not use cleaning agents containing abrasives such as solvent or acid, limescale removers, household vinegar and cleaning agents with acetic acid in them. Damage to the surface and underlying material resulting from improper treatment is not covered by warranty.


No corrosive substances are to be placed into Aqualla Aromawell as this could be hazardous to your health.

Proof of purchase will be required for all warranty claims.